my week in a square + couch time


1. Starbucks break from work  2. I bought a cart full of healthy stuff minus the little ice creams (4 for $5!)  3. Max mini-YAM wearing his tie  4. Couch shopping time

Welcome to my now-normal home

As I type this I am sitting on the couch (loveseat to be technical) with my feet propped up on my coffee table.  These are both firsts since I moved out here 16 months ago!  I went to Living Spaces yesterday and ALMOST bought a clearance couch with the idea that I was going to fix it (it had a damaged base)!  Crazy thinking, that wouldn’t have been very smart.  I left the clearance warehouse and just stuck with new models.  There were a few that I could choose from within my price range but I ended up going back to the model I looked at with my mom months ago.  It was delivered this afternoon and right away I began re-arranging my room layout.  One of the first and dumbest things I did was pull out the cable wiring so I could move my tv.  When it was originally installed, the internet guy used a tool to run the cable underneath the carpet in the doorway.  Well I pulled it out, and soon realized that it actually needed to stay there.  I attempted the stick a dowel underneath the carpet to make a way and ended up pushing the carpet padding into itself; resulting in a nice bump in the carpet that is stuck…and now the wire just sits on top of the carpet in the doorway!  Well I went shopping & bought a rug from Target to cover the wire and got a $20 coffee table from ikea while I was at it.

IMG_5288When it just arrived.  Those pillows quickly came apart; I needed the stuffing from them for the pouf that I made today!!

IMG_5295It works as an ottoman, or extra seating.  It took SO much stuffing, inside are: 2 bags of shredded foam, 1 bag of poly-fill, a jumpsuit, queen sized sheet of batting, fabric scraps, & 1 pillow.  It works great though, I love it!  Go here if you want to see how to make your own.

IMG_5296Now it’s on the other wall!


Now it really feels like home sweet home.


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