labor day weekend

I only took 2 pictures for my “week in a square” bit last week so I’ll skip it this time around and just post pictures from the weekend instead.  After work on Friday, I drove up to Bruce’s place and stayed there til this morning.  We stayed around town, visited a few beaches, watched a couple movies…just basically relaxed which was nice.  We went to Baker beach & Ocean Beach in San Francisco and saw dolphins at both!  I also had a successful driftwood haul at Baker beach…I have a DIY project in mind for that so was excited for all the pieces I got.  I picked up a red rock that was shaped like a bar of soap too and just realized that it’s a brick that’s been worn down!  Pretty cool, I want to start beach-combing more, it’s relaxing, fun, & free…can’t beat that.  While Bruce fished at Ocean beach, I walked pretty far and ended up at a cool graffiti spot that was tucked away from the main stretch.  Pictures from that below.  I also finished up my last roll of 120 film.  I have 3 rolls now to develop and I have no idea what’s on the other two…that will be exciting to find out.  I really want to get back into developing my own film, so I’m saving those rolls until I am able to do it myself again.

IMG_5464 IMG_5471 IMG_5490





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