53 days

A few months ago I started video-taping something each day.  The goal was to do it every day for a year (I’m no stranger to this idea – I have 3 years worth of 365 project photos) and long story short…not really; the story isn’t long…I didn’t make it.  I only made it 53 days before I started forgetting to record.  The files have been sitting on my computer doing nothing, so I put them together.  It comes off as a cat-centered video since it’s so easy to film a cat instead of finding something else interesting.  It’s less than 2 minutes so it’s bearable…imagine if I made it a year…how many Max clips would there be?!


3 thoughts on “53 days

  1. Very good! I think you should spend more time to develop your ideas and let some of the segments run even at the risk of being boring. A commentary would be helpful. Tell the audience who you are.

    1. Thanks Mike, I definitely want to continue shooting video and improving in that area. I’d like to do something similar to your videos, where I shoot places I visit/explore. Most times I am so occupied with the still image camera though, that it’s hard to fit video in also!

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