redbull flutag, long beach

Today was the Rebull flutag in Long Beach and I was so excited!  I arrived 2 hours before the flights took place, and firstly checked out all the teams, then quickly found a spot to sit since people had already claimed most of the good viewing places.  I found a little patch of grass right by the fence between a family under a tent and a guy on a blanket.  So for an hour and a half, I just sat and in that time a few people came and asked the family if they could sit in front of them.  (they had like 3 feet inbetween them and the fence)  The father said no, since his family had been there all day & they came early…which is completely understandable but he didn’t say it in the nicest way.  The last woman who came about 15 minutes before the flights were going to start asked if her son could sit in front of them.  The father said no once again, but the woman wasn’t going to leave so easily.  It escalated quickly and they were calling each other white trash, and other various things.  After observing that, I didn’t want to do anything to bother the guy so I stayed as small as I could and kept my head out of his viewing path.  So I was really surprised when later on, his young son walked up to me and offered me a water bottle from their cooler.  I honestly was a little scared to accept it, in my head I was like “did his dad say this is ok?  what if he doesn’t want me to take it?” (I am really paranoid) but I said ok, thank you and looked at his mom and dad and they were smiling.

Before the flights started, they had helicopter stunts, parachuters, & water jet flying people (I don’t know what that’s called).  Then at noon, they started the flights!  Every team had to dance before they flew, which was fun to watch.  All the teams were being silly and enjoying themselves…one guy even proposed to his girlfriend from the flight deck (she said yes!).  The most exciting part of the day was when the world record for distance was broken!  One flyer went around 250 feet…which was so impressive, everyone was cheering.



IMG_5483 IMG_5479


IMG_5425IMG_5426I loved this team!  Their theme was pizza and they were speaking in hilarious Italian accents and sounded a lot like I do when I do my Italian accent at work.

IMG_5429IMG_5431These girls are too cute, their machine transformed from a pyramid into a plane…pretty cool.

IMG_5432These guys all work on the Queen Mary & their flyer was a mini boat!  They are monsters since the ship is supposed to be haunted.

IMG_5433Firefighters who made a little fire engine…and they’re in kilts…win win!




IMG_5444IMG_5456Flight time

First, here are the more successful flights: IMG_5516

IMG_5564 IMG_5521Germany no longer holds the record, we do because of the guys above!

IMG_5580 IMG_5583    IMG_5609 There were a few that didn’t even make it at all.



Then there were the ones that didn’t do as well/crashed!





Such a fun day!  Everyone was so creative and just had fun with it all, it was great.


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