beating up the camera

IMG_5693 I finished sewing the bags/llamas I started last weekend.  When I was done, I took pictures & left my camera sitting on the tv.  It slid off and hit the wall before landing on the ground.  The camera body is fine, but unfortunately the lens is damaged.  The auto-focus no longer works.  I’ve googled easy fixes and I can make it work a few times but once it’s trying to focus on something really blurry it tries so hard but it can’t.  It’s my own fault, though I did find comfort in the fact that this seems to be a common problem.  (iPhone power button deja vu)  For the time being, I have to either man-up and go manual or use the lens from my film camera.  I looked up repair costs and it’s cheaper to buy a whole new one, I also looked up DIY repair but I am so uncomfortable opening electronics up like that.

I feel like I am really being tested financially lately…this last month has been really tough.  I had to go into my “debt” app and reset all my balances to their original amount.  I do still have money available to me on my credit cards but I am less than $100 away from my limit on all of them.  I’ve been in survival mode for 3 weeks & have one more week to go before I see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I get paid Thursday night, and after that I can breathe easier and get myself back on track but until then it’s vegetables/macaroni & cheese/chicken nuggets for lunch/dinner every day.

I honestly don’t even know where my money went, besides the $300 that went to the vet for Max.  I am not frivolous with money, & I’m always able to keep track of what I can/can’t spend for the month…I’ve only been unable to pay bills maybe once or twice before.  I don’t know what happened last month!  It’s hard and it sucks a lot of the time, but I am still happy that I am living here & supporting myself.  I’m not letting this life experience go to waste either, I’m turning it into something positive.  I’ve been really slacking on it, but I am working on a zine that focuses on being broke.  It’s a “broke girls guide”.  I named it Chump Change, haha.  Here’s a sneak peak…just the cover:



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