my soulmates


I got my 1st shipment of photography supplies in the mail yesterday.  I can’t wait to develop my 120 rolls…I have no idea what’s on them, they’ve been waiting so long.

Somehow I ended up on a website earlier today where you can buy DIY cameras.  One of the options was a TLR for about $15 that you build yourself and it takes 35mm film.  I’ve wanted a TLR (twin lens reflex) for years but they’re so expensive that I just accepted I’d never have one.  Finding that site sent me into an obsessive search through ebay, flickr, etsy, amazon, etc…hunting for cheap options.  I was going to buy that DIY kit, but decided I’d be happier just buying the camera.  I can’t afford a traditional one, so I am looking at fixed-focus options which are pretty cheap.  They all take 620 film, but I already found that you can re-spool 120 film onto the 620 spools & can even use 35mm if you hack the camera.  I’ve found a few options that I keep coming back to, all around the same price.  Now I just need to find the one that is just right for me and my camera collection!

Anscoflex II:  This one is so unique looking, I love how quirky it is.
Kodak Duaflex II:  This looks more classic
Argoflex 75:  This one is really clean/simple




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