hidden heart cupcakes

Inspired by a post I saw on Pinterest, I made some cupcakes with a cute surprise inside for my family & friends.  My brother pointed out that I had the wrong holiday in mind but Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks for the loved ones you have so I thought it worked.  They were pretty simple to make and thankfully frosting covers the mess-ups and they looked perfectly normal afterward!

1. I used red velvet, & made it flat in a normal cake pan then used a cookie cutter to cut out the hearts.


2. Now you mix your cupcake mix and put just a little in the cups & put the hearts in…then cover them up.  As you can see, the hearts were a little large so the cupcake mix was not going to cover them up completely.


3.  The above resulted in cupcakes that look like they have hotdogs on top, and the batter spilled out of the liners…they were pretty ugly right out of the oven but all they needed was a trimming down.


4.  Frosting saves the day!  They look totally normal and yummy now.


Then when the person cuts it in half, this is what they see.  Adorbs right?



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