welcome 2014

Like usual, the holidays flew by and now we are going into the new year and back to the normalcy of everything.  I had a really nice [almost]week-long break from work and spent that time up North with my family.  I only see them every few months so it was great to have more time than usual with them.

My resolution for 2014 is simple, and just one word: adventure

I need more adventure in my life, I need to get out and explore and start feeling alive again.  I’ve gotten stuck in my daily routine, and have become more of a hermit than I was ever meant to be.  I know that I was made to live a life full of adventure, & I want to start living in that mindset.  This will be the year I finally go sky-diving.  I have a lot of living to catch up on and I am excited about all the possibilities in front of me.

3 4 5I can scan my own film into the computer now!  These were from the first 3 rolls of 120 film I developed on my own…luckily they were really old & I had forgotten what was on them because I accidentally over-developed everything.  The above is pretty much all I could salvage.  I have two more rolls I’ll be developing soon from the Argoflex (the above were all shot in a Holga) and I know where I made the mistake with these rolls so hopefully going forward all rolls with come out well.

Happy 2014 to all reading this, may it be your best year yet!


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