adventure #1: solstice canyon – malibu


My first adventure for the new year was to hike Solstice Canyon in Malibu.  There are ruins of a ranch house there; built in the 50’s and burned to the ground in the 80’s.  The park gates open at 8am, and I arrived just after 7:30am so I parked close to PCH and walked up the road into the park. The hike was really easy, it’s just over a mile to reach the Tropical Terrace (where the house is located) and the trail is paved.  When almost at the house, suddenly an out of place palm tree appears and you know you’ve arrived.  It is correctly named the “Tropical Terrace”.

Off to the side is a trail up a hill that has small waterfalls and pools, all of which would have been visible from the house.  I could image how beautiful the house was in it’s glory days.








Afterward I started heading toward home and pulled to the side of the road at a random beach nearby.  Right before all the LA beaches that require money to park, there are a lot of places to pull over and walk down to the beach from.  I think if I need a beach day I will come back here; I can’t deal with paying to park or hunting for street parking.

Right when I walked down to the beach something caught my eye…flowers.  Lot’s of them, scattered in a line from the waves pushing them around.  There was no one else around so I took this as they were meant for me & I became giddy picking them up.  I was so excited.  Then after putting the ones I picked up in the car, I went back down to the beach to relax for a bit and there was a chair waiting for me.  Umm, hello…and thank you.  So I sat for awhile, and then walked along the water with my toes in the sand and then headed home.  It was a beautiful morning; I couldn’t have asked for better.

IMG_6171 IMG_6193 IMG_6208

Since they have sand on them, I added my un-used driftwood & made an oceany bouquet for my kitchen table.


Looking forward to what awaits me in adventure #2!


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