baby fever

Maybe just a little bit.

Last week there was a baby shower at work.  It was a busy day, so I only got to stop by and congratulate the mom-to-be, and eat a few snacks before I had to go back to my desk.  They had decked out the lounge in baby boy decorations and there was a clothesline filled with white onesies above a table with supplies to decorate them.  Since I couldn’t stay, I brought the onesie back with me so that I could decorate it at home.  So, yesterday afternoon I went to Joann’s with the intention of getting some ribbon to sew on it to look like suspenders or fabric to applique a little tie.  I stopped by the baby section & picked up some baby boy labels.  One of them stuck out to me and my plan completely changed and I decided to do a pirate themed onesie instead.  So I picked up a few quilting squares and embroidery thread and that was it.  I stayed up late last night finishing it, and I love how it came out.




I wrapped it up & tied it off using a skull bead.



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