valentine’s day

I started prepping for Valentine’s Day a few weeks early this year.  I made tiny pinatas & succulent planters for my team at work.  They were both simple little DIY projects that were tons of fun to make.


This one is pretty straight forward.  I transferred the succulents from their pots into little tins that I had poked holes in the bottom of for drainage (using a nail & hammer).  These tins came with lids that I put on the bottom to catch water.  Once they were all nestled in their new tin homes, I added washi tape & cupid arrows I had also made.


I made the arrows using tiny dowels and paper scraps.  I painted some, stained some, and covered some in glitter.

IMG_7349Then the fun part, making it look like cupid was playing target practice.



heart pinatas

The pinatas were made using pre-made paper mache heart boxes from the craft store.  I put little bags of cookies inside & used tissue paper to seal the outside.  This was also pretty simple: cut the tissue paper into strips & cut upward into the strips about halfway.  After that, just glue one strip on at a time for the front & back of the boxes…once those are done, then put the goodies inside and apply the strips the same way on the sides until it’s all sealed!


My Valentine’s Day


They handed us heart balloons as we walked into work.


My stash minus the little snow globe that Zherra made with a picture of us inside.


They did a butterfly release on the roof.  I don’t agree with putting live creatures in a tiny envelope…it was nice to see them flying away but sad at the same time.  Vernon is a bad place to release them, since it’s industrial…there are barely any plants around.

After work I drove for 10 million hours to San Francisco & got super frustrated because I was trying to use Siri on my phone to find a gas station off the 101 and this is how that went:

  • Where’s the nearest gas station?  “Playing something by some band”
  • WHERE’S THE NEAREST GAS STATION?  “It is now 12 whatever o’clock”
  • You’re not helpful.  “Facetime calling home”

So I found a gas station the old fashioned way (taking an exit and hoping to run into one) & paid for gas and selected the grade and then the pump told me to pay again.  So I did and then it was declined so I went inside and it was declined there also.  So I had to call the bank to get my card unblocked at 1am.  When I finally got to Bruce’s place, these were waiting for me:


I told him I wanted that awkward rhino a long time ago (isn’t it so cute?), that was a good surprise…and yay candy!



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