adventure #5: biking to the ocean

I’m not a biker; I’m just a girl with a bike. 

The bikers that passed me on the bike path wearing their sunglasses & spandex outfits made me look like I was the tortoise in “The Tortoise & The Hare” story, but while the tortoise lacked speed he had plenty of determination to reach the finish line whether it took 1 hour or 10 hours.  Comparisons aside; I wasn’t that slow but those bikers sure are speedy!  I made it the 9 miles to the ocean after an hour and proceeded to eat my nutri-grain bar under a cluster of palm trees and then hopped back on the bike to head home.  Once I got back onto the bike path I found myself in the midst of a bike race & saw two really weird bikes (one had a person sized windshield on the front & the other was shaped like a rocket and I could only see the guys head sticking out – like this).  The race veered off onto the trail toward El Dorado Regional Park so I was left with a calm ride home after that.  18 miles was a good number, when I got home I was pretty much done…my legs had had enough.



I found this little handlebar bag at Target last night…great find!  It’s just the right size for the necessities and you can put a phone in the cover pouch so you can see your ride being tracked or change your music easily.  This works so much better than using my armband.


I also bought the attachment so I could carry water with me & realized late last night that I didn’t have the correct size screws to attach it.  Unwilling to give up my bike ride plans and unwilling to go without water I had to figure something out.  So I filled the holes with hot glue and then stuck in the screws that I did have…the glue dried too fast and the screws were not in all the way…which meant I had to screw them into the dried glue.  When I was done I found that it’s actually held really tight…it was going to be a quick fix but I think I’m just going to leave it as is.

Also note that the water bottle I bought is the same brand as my bike…that was a total accident.  I just picked the best bottle at the sports store and it so happened to be the perfect match!



This is the San Gabriel River bike path.  The river turns into the typical LA canal/cement thing when you get more inland but the path itself stays really nice.  Looking forward to more rides down here.



3 thoughts on “adventure #5: biking to the ocean

  1. Lycra and skinny tires .. I always find myself racing these folks. Even though they’re probably pulling double the mileage, there’s something satisfying about crushing them for the few miles that we’re going in the same direction. Here’s to all of the bicycled people who are not cyclists!

    1. Here here! Some day I will be able to keep up with them as well…but until then I’ll blame it on my mountain bike not being as aerodynamic as their street bikes!

      1. If you decide to stick to the mostly road / bike trail route, it’d be worth putting in some street tires or even investing in thinner wheels. Adds miles onto your ride for a lot less friction. Obviously this means less versatility, but if you don’t plan on off-roading often (and you stay in snowless LA 🙂 it’s totally worth it.

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