adventure #8: swimming at the beverly hilton

Last Saturday, I spent the afternoon/evening around Beverly Hills with Zherra.  Her husband was working at an event at The Beverly Hilton, so they got to stay there for the duration of it.  We went to Westwood Village first for lunch and hung around that area for a little bit.  We went to a hot dog place for lunch and got LA street dogs, which were pretty good (not as good as the real thing though – per Zherra).


Then we went shoe shopping, and to a nail salon for manicures/pedicures.  I haven’t done that since Thailand, so that was fun.  Definitely not something I will do regularly as that $20 could buy me 3 bottles of my own nail polish that could be used again and again!


After that, we went to Diddy Riese which is a really popular ice cream sandwich shop.  Their prices are awesome…only $2 for a sandwich!  You get to pick what kind of cookies you want and what ice cream you want inside.  I chose chocolate chip + white chocolate macadamia nut cookies & chocolate chip ice cream.  There was constantly a line out the door, but the wait was worth it.




After leaving Westwood, we went to the Hilton to go swimming.  I’ve never stayed at a luxury hotel before, so swimming at the pool there was a treat.  We only lasted about 45 minutes in the water though, it was too cold.  When walking to & from the room, I got to wear a Beverly Hilton robe which was really unflattering; I felt like a grandma in it, haha but it was comfortable and better than walking through the lobby in just a swimsuit.







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