a whale of a dream


I dreamt about humpback whales last night.  It was one of those dreams that you keep thinking about long after you’ve woken up, so I recorded it really quick & got my inks out to paint the guys above.  This was the dream:

It’s an overcast morning at Manhattan Beach, & I am watching the last of the humpback whales migrate North toward the smoke stacks at the end of the beach.  I pull out my phone and start recording video.  There is one whale falling behind, so I start to throw fish into the ocean to lead it towards the rest of the group.  They’re all leaping into the air in front of the smoke stacks at the end of the beach and are getting disoriented and starting to turn back.  Not knowing what to do, I run to the waters edge and throw my hands into the sand and start to pray.  A boat comes to lead them out, but after the smoke stacks there are even more obstacles for them to get past…all along a river.  I run ahead of them and lead them through each little dam to make sure they don’t get stuck.  At some point I come across a hill of dirt coming out of the water.  I try to move it, but there are pipes underneath it.  I realize now that we’re on the Sacramento River.  I run back toward the whales and see a reporter covering the story & a couple other people looking on.  I stand in between the reporter and the camera and ask her if the whales are safe, in the middle of her report.  She ignores me, so I start screaming at her & calling her names, and then start screaming at the people around her as well.  No one answers me, so I run.

What happened after that isn’t as clear, but one of the guys that was watching chased after me & then I ended up standing in front of the church I went to growing up.


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