adventure #9: paddleboarding

Today I tried out paddleboarding for the first time.  Zherra & I went to a spot near Huntington Beach that we had a Groupon for.  It was easier than I expected it to be; I was thinking I might fall off the board a few times…but never fell off once.  Standing up was simple, the boards are large enough that they don’t really tip either way.  It was really nice going outward away from the shore because the wind was behind us and the wake carried us along.  Once we started heading back, we had to push against the wind and the water which got pretty difficult.  Anytime I stopped rowing, my board would start to move backwards or start turning back around.  I got a pretty good arm workout in!  Next time I go, I’d like to try it on calmer waters so that it would be more relaxing and I wouldn’t have to worry about drifting into things if I stopped rowing.







I used my point & shoot camera which I had encased in a DiCAPac waterproof case.  I never dunked it underwater, but the case doesn’t really affect the clarity of the photos which is great.  The only issue is that I have to crop the pictures because they get a black ring around them…from the lens covering.

Zherra bought a waterproof case for her iphone which took hazy pictures, but they end up looking like old photos which is kinda cool.  I think they look like they were taken in the 70’s or something.


photo 4


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