adventure #10: kayaking in the ocean

As mentioned in my last blog entry, over Memorial Day weekend my mom and I went to Hearst Castle.  That was only going to take half a day, and we were staying in the area from Saturday until Monday so we were looking for other things to do while we were there.  One of the ideas floating around was going on a kayaking tour, and my mom was up for it…so we went for it!  I found the place through Yelp (Kayak Outfitters) and it had all 5 star reviews so I was pretty excited to try it out.  I have been kayaking before, but it was a long time ago…I either went with Girl Scouts or Sea Scouts, but it was in the Delta.  Trying to do it in the ocean was completely new.  It was just me & my mom, with another couple and the guide: Cubby.

First we all got geared up and then sat in our kayaks on the beach to learn how to paddle, back-paddle, stop, etc.




Cubby got us all into the water & past the waves.  It was a beautiful day, the water was calm and there wasn’t too much wind.  It’s not often than you get to look at the coast from out in the ocean instead of the other way around.  First we went left under the pier and over to where the otters & seals hang out.  After Cubby took us around that area and gave us a bit of history on the area…we came back under the pier and went to “the wall” to see the caves.






Me and one of the other kayakers Larry went into this cave a little bit and then back-paddled quickly.   There is a beach at the end of the cave, in darkness that you can go to if the tide is low enough…but it wasn’t when we were there.  Both of us also went through a small rock bridge.  That was a little scary because we had to paddle through quickly, and first thing I did was run into the rock.  Then I killed a bunch of mussels using my oar to push my way through because it was so tight.





We were out on the water for 3 hours.  It was a great experience, & I’m glad I got to share it with my mom.


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