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I was hunkered down in town all weekend, which normally I don’t like to do.  I’m always trying to find new places to explore or reasons to be outside…doing something.  I can say I thoroughly enjoyed this weekend at home though.  I did my usual cleaning on Saturday, and also went to 2 local nurseries & Home Depot.  I’ve been wanting a palm tree for awhile, and I decided last Friday that it was time to get one.  I spent a few hours researching the types of palm trees to figure out what kind would be best for me.  I need one that doesn’t grow fast, doesn’t grow insanely tall, and can live inside.  My goal is to start it out in the apartment and then once I have a house to plant it outside.  Anyway, I found the species I want: the Vietchia Merrillii…or Adonidia Manila…or Christmas Palm.  I figured that since I knew the specific tree I wanted, I could just go to the nursery and pick it up…I live in California and there are a lot of different species of palms down here!  Well that wasn’t the case.  The 2nd nursery I went to, I was sent to the counter to talk to the botanist to see if he knew what I was talking about.  He pulled out all of his books to find the region it can live in/what it looked like/etc.  They took my name & number to see if they can special order it for me.  In the meantime, I’ve found a website that sells them at 1 foot tall.  We’ll see where it ends up coming from, but either way I will soon have my own baby palm tree!

The reason I think I am ready to take the plunge and spend a little more than I normally would on plants is because I’ve had some success with my succulents.  I’ve had a number of different plants over the two years I’ve lived here and few have made it through.  My succulents though, for the most part have been thriving.  They’ve started to outgrow their containers so while at Home Depot I bought a really nice wooden planter box so that I could arrange them all together.  The above picture is the outcome of that.  It was a fun quick project & I was able to incorporate some of my ocean finds from Memorial Day weekend.  All the stones are from Moonstone Beach, as well as the 2 driftwood pieces.  I also added one of my sand dollars from Manhattan Beach.  I currently have the box sitting outside…it looks a bit dinky by itself so I may add more of these in the future.

Another small project I finished over the weekend was a felted whale.  Another find from Cambria during Memorial Day weekend with my mom, was a felting kit made by Woolbuddy.  I’ve seen their pre-made animals for sale before and loved them but wasn’t willing to spend that much on it.  The kit I got was $21, and since it’s a DIY project & cute product in one I decided to get it.  I worked on it while watching tv, and it was a lot of fun to see it coming together.  I may just have to order another kit.



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