adventure #11: hiking to the hollywood sign

I finally hiked to the Hollywood sign!  I left at 5:30 am to make sure I avoided the heat as much as I could…the hike is completely out in the open with little cover.  An added bonus to going early is that I beat the crowds…I was able to park in the small parking lot right at the base of the trail head, and for much of the climb up there was no one else in sight.  It was almost 6 miles total round trip & the elevation gain was almost 1,000 feet!  I haven’t done a hike like that in awhile, so I was definitely feeling it.

Before I set out toward the sign, I made a pit-stop at the Bronson Caves.  It’s a quick maybe 5 minute stroll up a dirt road.  First of all, I love caves…second of all, these are Hollywood caves…so they’ve been used in movies/tv shows quite a few times.  The most well known use though, was for Batman…this is the site of the bat cave!  It’s man-made & very short…but fun to see nonetheless.

I brought a new friend along with me that I acquired last weekend.

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The cave opens up inside & has 3 openings at the other end.  Once on the other side, you get a nice view of the Hollywood sign…gearing you up for the hike ahead.

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You get a lot of nice views of downtown on your way up as you turn corners.  The trail has a lot of horse poop on it, since they do horseback rides to the top.  I didn’t mind the smell, because it reminded me of a time when I used to ride a horse named Misty…so in a weird way I liked the smell, hah.  I saw a few bunnies, one big beetle, and a couple dogs trailing behind their owners.




If it gets too hot or tiring on the way up, people can always stop and look at the horse stables below…there is a Hollywood sign there as well.  Sneaky sneaky.


Once at the top, there’s a chain-link fence separating you from the sign so you can only get so close…but it’s still pretty cool.



At the very top of the peak, there’s this thing…which I automatically thought “dalek”.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


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