monster high doll

I was browsing on Pinterest Friday night and came across a Monster High doll that had been repainted & re-dressed to look like Maleficent.  I started looking at other dolls and what people had done to customize them and I couldn’t stop looking at all the wonderful re-paints.  I’ve seen the Monster High dolls before but I never paid them much attention.  Now that I was actually looking at them, I realized how cute they are.  I wasn’t going to be able to get the idea of doing my own out of my head until I did it so on Saturday I went to Target and bought one of the cheap ones.  Her name is Lagoona Blue & she’s the daughter of a sea monster (the whole plot of the show is the daughters of famous monsters going to highschool).  I read up on tutorials & how-tos and gathered everything I needed and today I did my own version.  While working on it I remembered why I don’t like painting…it’s hard!  My hands wouldn’t stop shaking, the paint dried too quickly, my lines were crooked, etc etc…so my girl isn’t that great…you just have to look at her from far away, ha!  Either way, I think her face is an improvement over the original.  I’m planning to make her cute little outfits, I figured this would be a fun way to get me back into designing.

This is how she came out of the box:



In process.  I felt really good doing the blush & using pencil to draw my outlines, once I pulled the paint out all I heard was “agghhhhhhh!!!!” in my head.  My plan was to do the whole thing in colored pencil but it wasn’t transferring onto the vinyl very well.



Finished…just don’t look too closely:



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