adventure #13: catalina island

On the weekend of the 11th – 12th I went to Catalina Island with my friend Zherra.  We’d been talking about going there for almost 2 years, so it was great to finally plan it and go.  On the boat ride over we saw multiple flying fish skimming over the water which was amazing…I’d never seen them in person before.  We spent both days in Avalon, on one side of the island.  The downtown area was really cute & had a small town vibe, with mostly everything being walkable.  If it wasn’t walkable, all you had to do was rent a golf cart to get around like the locals do.  The streets were lined with golf carts, and a few regular cars scattered here and there.  This was the only time & the only place that I’ve ever seen a smart car and thought “that’s a good sized car”.



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During our weekend we rode bikes up the “advanced” hills to get to the area where we thought we might find the buffalo (no such luck).  The hills were too steep to ride up so we walked, and then rode down.  We were rewarded with great views & a chance to watch zip liners on their way down.  We also took a break from riding to do some rock climbing.  We both made it to the top, but only Zherra was able to hit the buzzer.  When I got to the top my hands couldn’t grip anymore, so when I let go to reach for the buzzer my other hand slipped off and I fell.  I still made it to the top so I wasn’t too disappointed!




We spent time on both days snorkeling as well, which we both loved.  I got to cross that off my bucket list too!  On Saturday we did a guided tour of Lovers Cove on one side of town, then on Saturday we went to Casino Point & rented the gear to go on our own.

Bucket List #50 – Snorkel

Snorkeling was an adventure!  I was a little nervous before we went but once I got in the water I felt good and while the rest of the group made their way into the water I ventured out a little bit.  I overheard people talking about jellyfish that were in two separate areas & I told the tour guide about it because it made me nervous.  I went back to looking around underwater and quickly realized that the jellyfish were everywhere.  The only thing I know about jellyfish is that they can sting you & it can be really painful, so I got pretty scared and went back to the group & again told the guide.  He wasn’t too worried about it and said that the only ones to watch out for are yellow.  These ones were all white.  So I ignored my fear and just swam through them & got stung on my lip & hands.  It felt like a quick zap & that was it…though both Zherra and I had red dots left behind from them for a couple days.  I was scared but at the same time it was cool to see them up close.  The majority were the typical jellyfish shape, in miniature.  I saw a few blob ones too which were pretty because you could see the electricity flowing through them.

This is what the water looked like…baby jellies everywhere you turn.



On Sunday, at Casino Point the underwater scene was completely different.  There was a lot more plant life, no jellyfish, and the water was a bit rougher.  I’m really glad we went to this spot, it was beautiful.  There were a lot of other snorkelers and numerous scuba divers as well.











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