muir woods/beach

While I was at home over Thanksgiving weekend, my parents and I went to Muir Woods to do some hiking and then to Muir Beach to do some driftwood scavenging.  It was really nice to be out on an adventure with both of them.  We did the main loop in Muir Woods and then once we hit the border to Mt Tamalpias my dad wanted to go further so we wandered in there for a bit.  My mom was on the hunt for a banana slug and when we were almost at the entrance to the park again, we stumbled onto a couple photographing one who were really excited about it.  Once we were done we went into the cafe and split a grilled cheese sandwich (something that they are known for) & brownie.  Then into the gift shop to admire all of the woodwork & souvenirs.  I was inspired by all of the carved bears and whatnots, I would really love to take a woodworking class to learn how to do it myself.

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Frog on a log.  My mom spotted this…it’s not a frog, it’s just a knot on the tree but wow it sure looks like a frog doesn’t it?




After Muir Woods we headed down the road to Muir Beach.  I had never been to that beach before because I always figured it was one that you had to pay to get to since it was associated with Muir Woods.  It is in fact free to park/enter and it’s really nice.  They have a nice walkway heading down to the water, & restrooms and all that good stuff.  We filled a plastic bag with driftwood pieces for me…they’re for crafting purposes but I have yet to figure out just what I am going to do with them all!  Then we just walked from one end to the other and there was a dog going crazy digging a hole so my dad stopped to talk to the dogs owner while my mom and I wandered on.



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