ornament/animal planters

I made 2 variations of planters for my Christmas DIY project this year: ornaments and animals.  The ornaments were made from pre-made paper mache ornaments from the craft store that I cut an opening in, spray painted with a texture paint, and sealed the inside so the plant could be watered.  The animals were made from vinyl toys that I cut a hole in & spray painted.



The ornaments were pretty simply, the animals gave me a bit of a harder time.  First I spray painted them with a silver paint (meant for toys as well) which never lost it’s tacky hand feel.  I went to Home Depot and they said I probably painted too close/too heavy.  I removed the paint off of a couple and tried again using thin coats and painting from a good distance and the same thing happened.  So I threw those animals away and started over the night before I had to be finished.  I got another texture paint from the craft store and thankfully this time no tacky feel.  I like how they came out better so I am glad the first paint ended up a mess.

My original plan was to use the driftwood me and my parents collected over Thanksgiving but I couldn’t find a good idea of what to make that I felt like people would want to keep.  Once I finished the animals though I thought the driftwood would be a nice touch to those so I glued them onto flat pieces so they had a base.  They were a big hit at work, so I am pleased with the outcome.


IMG_8137 IMG_8141



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