the hairstyle challenge

A couple of weeks ago I tried something new with my hair…I put it into two buns on the back of my head.  I’ve never been that great with styling my hair so I have two hairstyles that I rotate between depending on the amount of time I have to get ready in the morning, which are: straightened or in a ponytail.  More often than not it ends up being the ponytail because I rarely wake up with enough time to do anything else.

On the day I wore it in the buns I was getting a lot of compliments & I myself felt more confident in the fact that I made a little extra effort.  Well one of my coworkers challenged me to do a different hairstyle every day after that.  So every workday of last week I did; I woke up earlier and did something with my hair and wore makeup and dressed nicer than usual.  I’m not planning on continuing with the challenge, a week was good enough for me…but I do plan to continue giving myself that extra time in the mornings to look & feel better.




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