capturing the movement of the universe

A couple weekends ago I went to Santa Barbara with my friends Jessup & Ryan to go stargazing in the mountains.  Before-hand I read up on photographing star trails and re-learned the basics of manual photography.  I’ve been living in automatic mode for years so it was a good refresher and exciting to tap back into the creativity that comes with manual mode.  I tried two different methods that I had seen online; the first was multiple 30 second exposures stacked together afterward.  I left the camera going for almost 30 minutes on it’s own by remote & tripod.  The second method was one single long exposure.  From this experience I prefer the single long exposure because it captured more light & color, plus the trails look softer.


From the multiple photos, I stacked the below together in Photoshop.  The trails are more rough and the photo is dark.  I didn’t bother removing the airplanes since I like the other photo better.


I’m not discounting the multiple exposures, because they allow you to make video of the stars moving.  This is just something that I am going to have to play with more to really get a good handle on it.

And here is the constellation that I always look for…I only know how to find like three!



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