diy – mosaic project from 2004

Last month I went home to visit my family and while there I went through some of my old stuff, deciding what I wanted to be kept and what could be gotten rid of.   There were two large cookie jars I had made in my ceramics class that I had always wanted to hang onto but it was time to let them go, I kept having to glue pieces back on that had fallen off.  The Beast version lives on in the miniature “prototype” I had made that’s in my apartment.


Another project I came across was a mosaic I had made for one of my Art History classes (dated 2004 on the back – 1st year of college).  We had to recreate one of the art forms we were learning about.  I finished the mosaic but I never grouted it.  I was afraid of ruining it, especially since the surface is very jagged and there are a lot of really small pieces.  I’m not sure what grade I got on it or anything but when I pulled it out again last month my first thought was to get rid of it but then I looked at it and realized how much of a time capsule it is.  I made it a portrait of myself and my life at that time period.  It shows me in the center, holding a paycheck and wearing a vest from Party City where I was working.  My family and our dog Summer are in the background and we’re all standing on a rug that never existed but the rug is on green carpet which did & does certainly exist (wrong green but still green nonetheless).  My desk is on the right with my Sony Vaio laptop on it and my computer chair (same one I am sitting in now).  On the wall is a painting I did (I think it represents a giraffe painting that’s still up in my old room – but because it’s green and looks like a dinosaur I could be wrong), and then a photo of my friends and a photo of the boy that was in my life then.  Lastly hanging next to the desk is one of my diy projects – a knit scarf that took me two years to complete that I was really proud of.


It’s not the most beautiful thing in the world but I like the memories attached to this so I brought it back with me and decided to complete it by grouting it.  The tiles I had used are natural so I knew the grout was going to stick to them.  I put a sealer on it beforehand and after reading some mosaic how-tos, went for it and covered it in grout section by section.


Because the edges of the tiles are so uneven and jagged, I was tearing the sponge apart when removing the grout.  I had to go in and use the scraping tool to dig grout out of the indents also.  The process itself is pretty simple but because of the tiles I had used it was a little difficult.  The tiles did stain and I tried to go back afterward to sand it off but that proved pretty difficult.  The final look became a lot softer and I wish it had remained as vibrant as it was originally but I do like it with the grout.  I would like to make another mosaic but this time I would use the glossy tiles.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it yet, but I’m already thinking about what the one portraying my life right now would look like.  It’d be pretty cool to have one for each decade.



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