diy coaster & eyebrows

I was roaming around Home Depot the other day & went into the flooring aisle to pick up a couple wood samples (they are free, I grab a few each time I go) & became mesmerized by the tile section.  They have pre-made mosaic sheets that are meant for floors/counters/etc, that only require grouting.  There were so many beautiful options that I decided I needed one & could make a hot pad, coaster, or something out of it.  I chose one of the small trim ones.


The grouting process was so easy and quick, since the surface was level.  Nothing like the mosaic I last did.  It took a few minutes, then I let it dry & put a sealer on top.  To finish it off, I glued a layer of cotton batting on the bottom & now it sits on my coffee table ready to hold drinks or [small] dishes.



While I was out, I also stopped at Ulta to pick up an eyebrow kit.  It’s something I’ve been wanting to add to my makeup routine but as someone who is not that great at doing makeup in the first place it was always intimidating to me.  I bought a pencil from Target a few months ago but it was too harsh and obviously drawn on looking.  So at Ulta I browsed through the expensive section (so not me) and someone helped me find the “Too Faced” kit.  I went for it and spent the extra money hoping for the best.


It comes with two brow colors (blonde/brunette), setting wax, highlighter, tweezers, brush, comb, stencils, and instructions in a nice compact.  I tried it out today and was pleased with how easy it was and how natural it looked.  That was my main concern; that it wouldn’t look natural.  Quick before & after below.




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