california science center


A week ago I went to the California Science Center to see the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit that’s on display until next month.  There was no photography allowed and it was really crowded…to the point that I didn’t even get to see the actual scrolls…I just saw all of the other artifacts related to them.  While a bit disappointing since I didn’t get to fully enjoy the exhibit; I did still see some pretty neat things which made it worthwhile.  After leaving that, I walked around the rest of the museum and got to see the Endeavour space shuttle for the first time which was pretty impressive.


I had some downtime, so I spent it in the rose garden next to the museum chasing after beetles.  Every year at this time, these big beetles seem to come out of nowhere and then all of sudden are everywhere.  I looked it up this year and found out they are fig beetles.  I’d never seen them before I moved to Southern California and they remind me of scarab beetles which I find beautiful so I was excited to learn a bit about them.  They eat figs and other soft fruits so I’m not sure what they’re doing allover my complex because our trees don’t have fruit on them.  I see (and hear!) them buzzing around most mornings, but they rarely seem to land.  They seem a bit clumsy and uncoordinated…one ran into me when I was walking this morning.  Another time, one caught me off guard when I was unlocking my door as it buzzed right by my head.

So in the rose garden I chased a few beetles trying to get a photo of them but they would never land.  I was so focused on the beetles that at one point I looked up and there was a baby bird sitting about a foot away from my face on a branch.  By the time I realized and went to ready my camera…it flew away.  So I gave up and sat down.  Patience paid off because eventually I saw a beetle land on a rose bush nearby.  He gave me a good 5 minutes of time to watch him and get some photos before he took off again.




He gave me a good view of his belly & legs which were metallic and glistened in the sun.  I’d been talking about these for the last couple weeks so it was a treat to finally get to really look at one up close.


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