learning to crochet

During a trip to Barnes & Noble I saw a Winnie The Pooh crochet kit.  I had only tried crocheting once before when my mom showed me how.  That time I made two circles, sewed them together, and hung them from my rear view mirror in the car.  That was the extent of my crochet experience.  Well the Winnie The Pooh kit was irresistible and I couldn’t pass it up so I decided it was time to learn again.

The kit comes with instructions for all of the characters but with supplies for just Piglet & Pooh.  I started with Piglet and finished everything except his legs.  Then I moved onto Pooh.  I am improving as I go along but I am being really forgiving and not holding myself to a perfectionist standard.  I’ve been making checklists for all of the stitches so I don’t miss anything, yet still end up short stitches or with too many…so I still have a lot of practicing to do but it’s fun to see it come together.  My Pooh started off great but once I got past his head somehow he became skinny!  Everyone I show asks the same thing; “are you going to fix it?”…and I say no.  This is for me & I don’t mind having a wonky one of a kind Pooh bear.  It’s a learning thing and it will be fun to look back on later on if I end up getting good at crochet like my mom and can make things perfect!

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