calvin & hobbes cross stitch

For the holidays I always have at least one somewhat intense DIY project going on that I am scrambling at the last minute to finish.  For the Christmas that just passed, that project was a Calvin & Hobbes cross stitch/pillow for my brother.  I came up with the idea a few months ahead of time and started it, but for some reason I disregarded how long cross stitching takes and I left the bulk of it to be finished the 2-3 weeks before I went home for the holidays.  The week before Christmas I was staying up super late working on it after work…and I pulled one all-nighter in the middle of the week with a 2 hour “nap” before heading back to work in the morning.  Once it was finally finished, I then had to make it into a pillow case…so the night before I was going to drive the 6 hours to Northern California I stayed up late (not all night thankfully) and finished it…100%.

I didn’t plan my time accordingly, and I got in a bit over my head but at the end of it I was so happy with the result…it came out really clean and crisp looking; ready to be paired with the Calvin & Hobbes book collection I had gotten to go along with it.  I am not planning to do any cross stitching any time soon, but when I do go back to it…I am going to give myself a TON of time to finish it if it’s for a deadline!



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