downtown vancouver & butchart gardens

I’m playing catch up with my blogging, so these next few posts will be a bit belated.

Over New Years, Bruce & I were in Vancouver & Washington for a few days.  We got to Vancouver on New Years eve and went down to Canada Place on the waterfront with the intent of waiting until the fireworks/countdown/all that shebang…but I couldn’t deal with the cold for the hours we had to wait until all of that.  We visited Gastown and I got pictures of different things and then we headed back to the hotel.


Our New Years day plan was to visit the Butchart Gardens, so we took an early morning ferry to get to Victoria.

The gardens were still in Christmas mode, which was great since that is my favorite holiday.  It was a freezing cold winter wonderland, covered in ice.  The only downside of that is that the flowers are not in bloom…which would be beautiful to see in person, no doubt.

They had Christmas lights everywhere that they were lighting up in the evenings.  Since we went in the morning we still had hours until that began so we left to get some lunch and to see the Parliament building.

Back at the gardens, I decided to walk through the whole thing again.  We had noticed in the morning that there were weird sculptures throughout, that didn’t make much sense.  For example: in the sunken garden there were 4 birds holding cell phones.  It wasn’t until I was taking a picture of a fake bird in a tree that a woman nearby pointed out that it was the “partridge in a pear tree”.  I had a big “duh” moment realizing all the weird sculptures were of the 12 Days of Christmas.  After that it became like a scavenger hunt to find (and remember the song) all of the 12 days of Christmas.

Each stop led into the next one so when I got to the 11 pipers piping, I was looking for the 12 drummers drumming but they were nowhere to be found.  I had to ask someone when we sat down for dinner where they were…she got the question a lot, since they were outside of the gardens.  We were told we “couldn’t miss them” on the drive out.


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