capilano suspension bridge park

On our 2nd and last full day in Vancouver, we began by going bike riding in Stanley Park .  We rented the bikes near the entrance and then did the loop around the park.  There are points of interest throughout the park and the first was a group of totem poles.  There was also a small gift shop where I got a beanie for myself and gloves for Bruce.  We weren’t fully prepared for how cold it was going to be.  The main point of interest that I wanted to see was the statue “Girl in a Wetsuit” out in the water.  It looks like a mermaid perched on a rock.  There are steps into the water for divers right off the path near her & the water is crystal clear.  It looks like a great spot for diving.

After returning the bikes and picking up lunch we went to Capilano Suspension Bridge Park.  The main attraction there is the suspension bridge of course…it’s in the name of the park…but there is a cliff walk where you get to walk along the side of the cliffs edge and over the river/forest below, and also a treetop walk were you can cross miniature suspension bridges from tree to tree.  The park offers history as well, and there are more totem poles throughout.

We went through everything while the sun was out and hung around until after dark too because they do “canyon lights” where everything is lit up and beautiful.  The suspension bridge was more wobbly than I expected it to be, and with the crowd and people wielding selfie sticks, I didn’t stick around for long…I made my way across without worrying too much about trying to take pictures.  It became more of an annoyance trying to get around people.  I was much happier taking pictures from solid ground.  I think my favorite was the treetop walk at night, because it was lit up and pretty…but also there were not many people on it.  Because of that I was really able to enjoy it and not feel rushed, and it felt like I had jumped into a world of make believe and adventure.

Another cool thing they had there was a sort of scavenger hunt.  At the entrance you pick up the park map/brochure and there’s a section for stamps that go with each attraction.  So when you do the suspension bridge, you can get the stamp…and when you’re finished with everything you have 6 stamps.  They’re not actually stamps, they’re embossed designs, and you get to do the embossing yourself.  I think for families with kids that would be a really fun activity…it was fun enough for me.


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