fishing in washington

At the tail-end of our trip, Bruce & I went to Washington in order to do some fishing.  Bruce had hired a guide who had a boat so he could take us down the river and show us the good spots to catch fish.  We met him in the morning, and got geared up and headed out.  He dropped the boat (it was a row boat) into the water right off the side of the road in a tiny little opening and we followed and got in.  It was a full day, from about 8am to 5/6ish…whenever the sun started going down.  I didn’t drink or eat anything really that morning because there are no bathroom stops at all…for the boys it’s easy if they need to go but for me it was not an option.  The guide gave me a quick lesson, and then I just practiced swinging and Bruce did his normal fly fishing stuff for a bit.  After that he would row us up/down the river and we would cast the line and let it go down river while the boat drifted as well.  Whenever the line tugged, he would scream “get it!” or something like that and it always caught me off guard!  Bruce caught a few big fish…and I was designated photographer since the guide jumped out of the boat with the net to scoop them up while he was trying to reel them in.  It was all good and fine, but the second time he caught one…the guide jumped out with the net and I jumped out too trying to get ready to take a picture.  I didn’t realize the current was so strong where we were and I got swept up by it and had to grab the boat in order to stop myself from being submerged and starting to go downstream!  It felt like forever, but it was probably a minute at most…I was clinging to the side of the boat trying to put my feet on the ground and was having a super hard time since the water kept trying to pull at me.  The boys couldn’t help me because they were working on getting the fish, so I finally was able to get my balance and get my feet on the ground and everything was fine.  But man; in that moment I felt like a total girly girl and was thinking…”What am I doing out here!?”  Luckily I kept most of my upper body out of the water so it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

The rest of the day went fine and I actually caught two fish!  They were tiny babies and I was perfectly pleased with that.  A successful day in my book.  I can’t tell you how many inches they were because they didn’t bother to measure them!  Boo.





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