mom’s birthday – catalina island

A couple weeks ago my mom came for a visit and her birthday happened to fall on a Saturday this year which worked out wonderfully in our favor since we had decided it would be fun to go to Catalina island.  The round trip boat ride is free for birthday boys & girls as long as they are traveling on their actual birthday.  So my mom got to go for free and also got a birthday ribbon to wear during the day there so she could get discounts in the shops & birthday greetings from everyone.


The first thing we did when we arrived in Avalon was walk to the casino for the tour they do.  It was a birthday freebie, so I just had to pay for my ticket.  The tour goes into the movie theater and the upstairs ballroom; both of which still operate today!




After the tour, we had lunch and mom got a free ice cream.  We went through a few of the shops as we made our way back to the dock to meet our next adventure tour group.  We got to ride in an open air 6 wheel drive vehicle that took us to the inland part of Catalina and ended at the airport in the sky.  The tour guide had a lot of good information for us, and made a lot of stops for us to take photos.  The main attraction was the herd of bison on the way to the airport.  The only reason there are bison on Catalina in the first place is because they were left there after being brought out for a movie.  There wasn’t much animal activity besides the bison, but we did see one deer scurry up an almost vertical hillside as we approached.



Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset



After coming back down we only had a couple hours until it was time to catch the boat back, so we filled that time with shopping & getting mom’s little freebies/discounts that we could.



One last adventure awaited us on the boat taking us back to the mainland.  The lights were flickering so a few of the crew opened up a panel in the flooring and went down to check things and then all of the power on the boat went out.  It was fixed within a minute or two and the ride home was uneventful but it made the trip a bit more exciting!


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