a free weekday

Last Wednesday in the middle of the day, we were told to evacuate work.  There had been a fire nearby in the early hours of the day prior, and because of fumes that were still in the air…many residents & 4 major businesses were told to leave the area.  My workplace was not one that was required to evacuate, but due to our proximity and the fact that the air conditioners are automatic and would keep pumping the outside air in…the company thought it best for us to get out too.  We were told not to come back until Friday.

I knew I needed to take advantage of my free day, so I did!  I filled it with all of the things I had been wanting to do recently.  I went to Crystal Cove State Beach in the morning and hung out for a few hours.


Crystal Cove State Park is beaches but also inland hiking trails.  I went for a short hike up a giant hill and back.


I got back to town in the early afternoon, so I then went to eat lunch at a sushi restaurant.  I was the only person there!  It was a little awkward because of that, but it was 3pm…so not really the usual lunch time anyway.

After eating, I headed over to the mall to check out a new movie theater.  I had gotten coupons from them in the mail, but had been putting off going there since weekends and evenings are the busiest times and the only times I am normally available.  This random Thursday off was the perfect chance to go see a movie!  I got a free medium popcorn, and a free drink/collectible cup.  I just had to pay for the movie itself…which was “The Jungle Book”.  The movie was great and the theater experience was great.  It was a Harkins Theater which there are only 4 of in California at the moment.  The seats are leather and they recline…I was laying down for half the movie!  Seats are assigned also…you choose when you purchase your ticket.  The cup I got using my coupon gets me $1.50 refills for the rest of the year, plus I think it’s a pretty cool cup so I was excited just to have it.  They’ve won me over!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

After the movie I came home, and did my normal evening activities. Watch tv, play on my phone, relax, etc.  I think I utilized my free day pretty well, if I do say so myself!


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