travel boxes

This post is long overdue…I abandoned my blog last year after things at work changed.  That and other personal stuff became too much and I lost motivation to do anything.  I’m trying to incorporate creative projects back into my life & I’ve been looking back at past projects and think this one is worth a post.

When I travel internationally I like to keep brochures, currency, receipts, and other random things.  Those things aren’t easy to put into a photo book, and they shouldn’t be thrown into a random box to just be sitting in a closet forever either.  I wanted to have a permanent home for that stuff that can sit out and be easily accessible.  So I bought wood “book” boxes and burned images of each countries national animal on the front.  Then glued block letters onto the spines, and finished them by staining them.  I was happy with how they came out, and I’m looking forward to adding more to my collection in the future.










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