When I was little I had a collection I was really proud of.  I had a home-made butterfly net in my closet that was full of keychains…from anywhere and everywhere.  Keychains I bought with my allowance, keychains given to me, keychains from businesses, etc.  The net was getting stretched out from the weight of them all.  I was proud of it, but it wasn’t the most practical thing to collect for a kid who had no use for a keychain…I’m not sure I even had a key to our home at that time.

As a full fledged adult (on the outside at least), I now have three active collections that I think my kid-self would be proud of too.  The first and most prominent is my pin collection.  This began on my 30th birthday in Arizona.  The motel owner that gave me a history lesson; rewarded me for listening with a Route 66 pin.  The next day in Oatman I bought a mule pin.  After that I started buying pins everytime I went somewhere new.  I like to make them useful, so I have my favorite pins on a bag.  I also have some Disney pins for my lanyards but when those aren’t in use they’re on the wall in my apartment.

Last year I got onto the penny bandwagon at Disneyland.  Half the fun of that, is hunting down the machines.  I have gotten a few pennies at other locations, but I’m rarely prepared when I stumble onto a machine…I don’t carry cash around much.

My last collection is completely practical…socks!  Target has the cutest ankle socks and they’re always bringing in new patterns.  Whenever I go to a Target, I always stop by the sock section to see if there’s any I want.  They’re only $1.50 too.

What kind of stuff do you collect?  I’m curious what other people are drawn to.


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