vasquez rocks

Last month on a perfectly gloomy morning, I went for a hike at Vasquez Rocks.  It’s a place used a lot for filming, most memorably Star Trek…for me at least.  I was excited to learn Roswell was filmed there as well…a show I was obsessed with back in the day.  It’s also a place that a notorious bandit hid out from the cops in 1873/74…who apparently was part of the inspiration for the story of Zorro.

There are a number of cool rock formations here, and even some pictographs.  My favorite rocks were the witch’s hat…and one that looked like a turtle.

There was also this slab, which I’m not sure about.  I googled it and nothing came up.  Mysterious!

The park isn’t huge, but it’s big enough to fill a few hours and has a few different things to see.  Definitely worth a visit if in the area, besides the Hollywood aspect & the history behind it…the rock formations are quite unique.




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