anza-borrego desert state park

When it started getting warmer here again, I decided to go to the desert.  I left later in the morning than I typically would, so when I arrived it was already heating up.  The main reason I went was to see the Galleta Meadows sculptures in Anza-Borrego State Park.  It also so happened that Southern California is in the middle of a super bloom again, so I’d get to see flowers as well.

The park was completely packed!  It’s centered around a small little town so they had to have people directing traffic.  The sculptures are all off the road, but walkable if you don’t want to drive your car into the dirt.  I started off walking to them until I saw other compact cars driving through, so I did the same.

There are loads of sculptures!  I saw as many as I could but it was getting really hot so I didn’t worry about hunting them all down.

The night before I went, I was looking up information on the slot canyons in the area.  From what I read online, they weren’t easy to find and they were a good drive off the road.  There were warnings about being careful if your car wasn’t 4WD, as the roads to get to them are all dirt.  That was making me really nervous especially since I was alone…if I were to get stuck who would help me?

I had coordinates and decided to drive by two spots that led to canyons.  I found the road to “The Slot” with no problem.  That seems to be the best known slot canyon in the area.  I wasn’t really planning to attempt it…it was really hot and I figured I’d drive by and then head home.  But I had been driving on the dirt roads to see the sculptures and did ok, so I just went for it.  Shortly after turning off the main road I saw another compact car in the distance ahead of me.  It was a really slow and bumpy ride but did just fine!  When I got to the parking area there was barely any space left for cars…it was packed!

I imagine it’s a totally different experience when there aren’t a lot of people there, but I didn’t mind it at all.  I didn’t have to worry about marking the spot where I went down into the canyon since I knew I could just follow other people out.  A good idea if there aren’t people around though…from down in it, everything at the top looks the same so you could end up passing where you entered.

It was a great break from the heat…it was nice and cool in there.  The canyon is short but easy to get through.  I really enjoyed it, I want to go see more slot canyons!

If you look closely at the next picture, you can see a couple people at the bottom for scale.


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