a weekend in cambria

Two weekends ago, my mom and I met in Cambria to enjoy a 3 day weekend together.  It’s right smack in-between LA and the Bay Area so it’s the perfect place to meet.  We did it once before a few years ago as well.  The main draw of the area is Hearst Castle which is just a few miles North in San Simeon, but Cambria has much to offer all on it’s own.  It’s got coastal charm, pretty beaches, a small town vibe, cute shops, local art, great restaurants, etc.

We met up for lunch on Saturday, then walked through some art galleries & shops before checking into our room.  After settling in there, we headed to the beach to take in the sunset & then got dinner.

Sunday morning, our first stop was the cemetery for a walk.  After that we headed over to have breakfast at Moonstone beach (+ complimentary champagne).

Then off to our main activity for the day.  Horse back riding!  We went to Covell Ranch and rode Clydesdales.  The ranch is huge and from the high point in the trail, we got to see the ocean.  We also saw clydesdales hanging out having a snack going both ways.

After our ride we went back to the room to rest for a bit and then went back into town and did some more window shopping.  I had collected a few sea shells the day before and wanted to collect stones as well, so I got a small jar from one of the antique shops to hold everything.  I was able to fill it up the next time we went to the beach!

On Monday morning we went to the Hearst Castle gift shop, so I could get a pin.  It was surprisingly hard to find a Cambria pin in town…and since we had done Hearst Castle the last time we met here…a pin from there wouldn’t be lying.  🙂  We stopped by to see where all the elephant seals hang out, and got to see an otter having it’s breakfast!

After that, we went back into Cambria and hit up the shops that we hadn’t made it to yet.  Also lunch at Linn’s Cafe where I got a chicken pot pie & an olallieberry lemonade.

In one of the last antique stores we went to, they had “moonstones” for sale.  Moonstones are the white stones on the beach…which aren’t as easy to find.  So I bought a bag of them as my last souvenir.  Once we had visited all the stops we wanted to fit in for the day, we separated ways.


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