can you induce a period?

If you don’t like reading about periods click away now.

So I am currently on day 1 1/2 of trying to induce my period.  My period is pretty regular for the most part…I use one of those apps to keep track so I know when to expect it.  It normally shows up within a couple days of the “expected date”…but it’s not unusual for it to be a few days off.  I’m not on birth control so I can’t really do anything to control when Aunt Flo arrives.  Not a big deal really ever…but this month I’d really like it to come a few days early.

I’m due to start this Thursday…the same day I leave on vacation.  If it starts on time, I can deal…but I’m gonna be on a plane for over 10 hours & I really don’t wanna be dealing with day 1 cramps then.  Also, if it starts more than 1 day after it’s due…it screws up my plans.

So after talking to a friend and doing some google searching I found something.  Apparently drinking parsley tea can bring on a period as long as you’ve ovulated already.  Whatever is in it, prompts the uterus to contract.  It’s not advised to do this if pregnant, but for non-pregnant ladies…can’t really hurt.  All the sites I visited said to heat the water (not boil it) and steep half a bunch of parsley for 10-15 minutes before drinking it.

What can I say…it’s gross.  It tastes like dirt.  I had one cup last night, and 3 today.  I will continue through tomorrow and up until Wednesday.  It doesn’t work for everyone, but I found enough positive things said about it online and the majority seem to start their periods on the 3rd day of drinking the tea.  I started cramping a bit even before I started so I am hopeful that this will maybe just speed my body up a little bit.

I’ll update with whether it worked for me or not.  Has anyone else ever tried this?


Update: I started on my scheduled day, so I don’t think this worked for me.


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