through fiji, onto australia

A week ago I was in Australia hanging out with my best friend having adventures & making fun memories.  The simplest way for me to blog about it, is going to be posting about each day separately.  I took pictures on my phone, DSLR, and point & shoot so I’ve got everything documented and way too many photos.  Far too much to fit into one or two blog posts!

So day 1:

I had a short layover in Fiji in the early morning before heading on toward Sydney.

I landed in the early afternoon, and my bestie Leyla and her boyfriend picked me up and we set off for a craft fair.  I got a good tour of the city because we went to the wrong place first and had to re-direct & re-route.  I also got to see the Harbour Bridge from the passengers seat because we accidentally drove over the bridge & had to turn around and go back.

The craft fair was awesome and full of so many talented artists/makers.  After that we went to the Rocks, which is the historic area of Sydney with the old brick buildings and whatnot.  We got some food to eat and it was here that I got to try kangaroo!  I had a half kangaroo & half emu pizza.  It was pretty good, but I’m ok with not eating either of those meats again.  I just wanted to say I tried it!

The rest of the day was just spent settling it, and that night we went to a pub for some drinks and then got gelato afterwards.


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