circular quay & manly beach

My first full day in Australia started off with a quick trip to Rose Bay.  I was able to do a little beach combing and Leyla helped me find some really cool shells that I hadn’t seen before!

After getting back & getting ready, we had breakfast in Bondi.  This was the first of quite a few meals I had that were served on toast which I thoroughly enjoyed!

We then headed into the city to Circular Quay, which is where the Opera House & the Harbour Bridge are.  Leyla & her boyfriend Thomas had a few laughs at the way I pronounced some words.  Circular Quay is not pronounced how it’s spelled…it’s not “kway”…it’s “key”.

It was an overcast day with a little rain, which is the sort of weather I love so it was great.  I love how the clouds make the Opera House look more dramatic.  We spent a little time around the Opera House, then walked around to underneath the bridge & back to where the ferries take off.  Then we set off on a ferry to go to Manly Beach on the north side of the harbor.

In Manly, we walked to the beach and then went through some of the shops.  I got some souvenirs and then we stopped for hot chocolate & donuts!

The sun was going down as we waited for the ferry back & this was the first time I saw the flying foxes.  I loved them!  At dusk tons of them come out and fill the air with their chirping noises.  So cute!!  After that we headed back to Leyla’s place and by 7pm, I was falling asleep.  The jet lag hit me regularly around 7pm for the first 3 nights.



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