sydney opera house & luna park

On Monday I went on my own back to Circular Quay & my first stop was the Opera House.  I took a tour & got to learn a bit about the history of it, and afterward I hung out for a while and did some drawing.  The tour wasn’t originally something I wanted to do, but Leyla recommended it & I am glad I did it!

Our tour guide took us into a few of the theaters and in one we got to watch some ballet dancers practicing.  Also holy guacamole, I just noticed in the next photo how much dust I captured!

After a quick bite to eat, I got on a ferry to head to the North shore to go to Luna Park.  It’s a small boardwalk park…free to enter, you just pay for rides and what not.  It was dead when I went, just a few people here and there.  It’s sort of an oddball location and the entrance is most definitely odd…but that’s what adds to the fun of it.  I just walked through and took some photos, and went into the gift shop.  Lo & behold what was in there?  A penny machine!  A penny machine that spit out smashed American pennies!  It cost 2 AUD which is steep in the pressed penny world, but I sort of collect those sometimes so I got a couple.

After leaving the park I decided to walk back across the bridge.  I wasn’t sure exactly how to get to the pathway so I just walked up the street until I found it & on the way I took a milkshake break.  One thing I liked about Australia is that all of the cafes have outside seating & giant open windows so if you’re inside you feel like you’re outside.

Once back on the Southern side I walked through the Rocks again and went into the city to try to find the “Forgotten Songs” art installation.  It’s an alley filled with birdcages above the street and they have the bird calls playing like they would have been when they were still living in the area.  It commemorates the birds that were forced out by European settlement.  It’s a cool little area to check out!




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