bondi to coogee walk

One of the “things to do in Sydney” on travel sites is the Bondi to Coogee walk.  It’s a coastal trail that begins in North Bondi and goes for 6km to Coogee.  (6km = 3.73 miles)  I’m not entirely sure where the coastal trail actually ends…it went on further from what I could see when I left the trail.

I walked from the north end of the beach to the south end where the Bondi Iceberg pools are.  I’d seen photos of the pools on instagram and was really excited to see it in person.  It didn’t disappoint, it was beautiful.

One of the other beaches the walk goes by.  I didn’t notice at the time but in the top right corner of the picture there is some sky-writing.  It looks like it’s supposed to say “heart u” but the U is upside down…maybe it’s an N…not sure.

The trail goes through a massive cemetery as well.  I think it normally goes around the outside, but it was being diverted while I was there so you went right through the middle of it.  There were many beautiful elaborate headstones.

My favorite stop on the trail was Clovelly Beach.  It’s a narrow bay that they’ve put concrete walkways on either side of.  The water was really rough when I was there and I thought it was awesome.  Not a good day for swimming but a good day for appreciating the power & beauty of the ocean.

A bit after Covelly Beach is Coogee.  My original plan was to turn around and walk back to Bondi, but my legs were not up for it and it had gotten hot by this point.  So I took a bus into the city to get a late lunch and to check out the mall.

I went to Burger Project & got the Aussie Burger which was just a regular cheeseburger but with beetroot on it.  It was really good!

I hung out around the mall for a bit before heading to meet Leyla at her work.  I got to see her office and meet a few of her coworkers which was cool.  We left and Leyla showed me a little bit of Darling Harbour and we caught a bus there to go to a restaurant she likes.  We were celebrating her 3 year anniversary of moving to Australia which landed on that day.  We ate at a cute little Italian place that was delicious!


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