taronga zoo & the royal botanic gardens

For my last solo day, I started off with breakfast at Speedos in Bondi.  It’s a popular spot for surfers and gets busy on the weekends so a random weekday morning was perfect.  I got the smashed pea bruschetta and I’ve gotta say it was probably the best thing I ate during my entire trip.

After that, I headed into the city and caught the ferry to Taronga Zoo.  The ferry drops you off right at the bottom of the zoo and then you get into a gondola to go up over the hill while getting great views of the harbor and at the top is the zoo entrance.

The zoo had your normal zoo things, but they also had a rope adventure thing where you walk across rope bridges up above everyone walking on the ground below.  It looked super fun but was an extra cost.  The main thing I was looking forward to was the section where you got to walk with the kangaroos…which turned out to be a bit of a bummer.  The area was pretty small & they all stayed off away from the path/people.  Luckily I had the chance to make up for that later, because that was one of the main things I wanted to do in Australia!  They also had a spider show that I thought would be fun (from a distance of course) since they have all the horrible monster spiders there…but I was trying to fit more than just the zoo in my day so I didn’t stick around for that.

I thought the pelicans were so cool…the coloring on their beaks is awesome…they were my favorite animal I saw at the zoo!

There was a family going into the Tasmanian Devil exhibit while I took this photo and they called them “Tazzies”…I love it.

I could have spent the full day at the zoo but I wanted to fit in the Botanic Gardens too so I left a couple hours before sunset & went back to Circular Quay.  The gardens are right next to the Opera House.  I was in a little bit of a race against the sun, so I wasn’t able to meander much and a lot of the exhibits had closed by the time I got there.

The gift shop & the cafe were still open so I was able to get what I needed: coffee!

I love botanical gardens so I really enjoyed the time walking around.  It’s such a great location too…right near the big office buildings so people could take their lunch breaks here…what a great de-stresser.

This tree was full of wild cockatoos!  I loved the different sounds that Sydney had.  You don’t really think about something as simple as the sound of birds, but it was a totally different sound than I’m used to at home.  I stood under this tree soaking it in for awhile.  It was cool to watch them fly from tree to tree too.

After leaving the garden, I hung out at the Opera House until the sun was fully down.  Then went back to Leyla’s place to pack!  We were leaving early in the morning to fly to Queensland!


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