crocodile adventures

Leyla & I flew from Sydney to Cairns early in the morning for a long weekend trip.  We got our rental car and headed into the city for breakfast & while there booked our snorkeling trip for the next day and looked up what we wanted to do with our afternoon.  We decided on Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures and after checking into our Airbnb we drove up the coast to head there.

I’ve never been to Hawaii, but during the drive all I could think was how much it looked like Hawaii.  It was beautiful!  Leyla thought the same and she’s been there so it wasn’t an invalid thought of mine.

When I was initially planning my trip to Australia I was trying to go earlier in the year, but the way it worked out actually couldn’t have been better.  I was there when winter was starting to come so the days in Sydney were cool & I’m sure the heat in Queensland was less severe too!  I also got to enjoy everything during an off-season, so nothing was really packed or super busy.  Hartley’s as well; we got to enjoy a crowd-less day and really take our time and see everything.

It was here that I learned that there are “freshies” & “salties” when it comes to crocodiles.  I always thought crocodiles were only in freshwater and that they all lived in swamps.  Nope…there are salt water crocs and there are warning signs at the beaches for them.  I’m not that worried about sharks when I get into the water, but crocodiles are a whole different thing.

We went on a boat tour and got to see the crocodiles in action.  The guide was great and threw in jokes here and there.  He was the same guy that did the crocodile show later on.

Besides the crocodile show, we also watched a snake show.

I got a photo holding a koala which was a highlight of the day.  My face is shiny from the humidity and it’s just basically a funny tourist photo to add along with my Opera House photos and a fun Australian memory.

My favorite part of the day was when we went to the kangaroo feeding.  We thought we were going to watch someone feeding the roos but we were actually going to do it ourselves!  They brought tubs out and told us their favorites were carrots & apples so I grabbed a handful of carrots and went to any kangaroo that wasn’t already being fed.  I loved it, it was so much fun!  I finally got to pet kangaroos!  There was even a joey out eating with his mom and I fed them as well.  And also wallabies which were SO cute!

After this they had a koala and her joey out which were insanely adorable, and we finished making the rounds at the park.  At the emu enclosure one of the emus came right up to my camera…I was quite happy getting some super close up shots of the beautiful animals here!

After leaving, on our way backs to Cairns we pulled off the road at a place we’d seen on our way up.  I’m not sure what it’s called but it was covered in stacks of rocks.

Once back in Cairns we stopped to pick up dinner and sweets and then went back to our Airbnb & watched Harry Potter on tv and called it a night.  I consider that a pretty successful day since when we landed we had nothing planned!


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