last australian day

My last day in Australia started by waking up early in Port Douglas to go beach combing while Leyla went for a run.  The tide was in so I just found a couple little shells/coral pieces.  It was a beautiful morning as the sun was just coming up.

We went back to the airbnb and packed our stuff/headed out.  Before leaving town we got coffee & breakfast and then drove back toward the Cairns airport.  We made a couple pit stops for photos on the way & to soak in the last bit of the tropics!

Then we flew back to Sydney!  If you look closely right in the middle of this photo you can see the Harbour Bridge & the Opera House.

We got back in the afternoon, dropped our stuff off and then hung out at Bondi Beach for awhile.  Leyla helped me collect some more shells there & we went by the murals along the walkway.

We met up with Leyla’s boyfriend and we all went into the city for dinner.  We ate at the Opera Kitchen which is right underneath the Opera House!

After dinner, we went to the 360 bar in the top of the Sydney Tower.  It’s a spinning tower so we did one big spin, finished our drinks, and then headed back so I could pack.  I had to get up super early the next day to get to the airport!

I loved every part of my trip.  The people were friendly, public transportation was super simple & easy to get a hang of, the food was amazing, everything was beautiful, etc etc.  I’d never had any desire to go to Australia previously…I always figured…it’s just terrifying bugs & animals and everything wants to kill you.  Which is still true I think, haha, but I went when winter was beginning so I didn’t see many bugs at all.  The scariest thing for me was the knowledge of wild crocodiles in fresh AND salt water.

It was so amazing to get to vacation with my bestie and just hang out with her again too.  I will definitely go back to Australia in the future & I recommend it for everyone!

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