bucket list – hot air ballooning

A few weekends ago I crossed off “hot air ballooning” off my bucket list.  I went with a group of friends for a weekend in Perris, which is in Riverside.  The hot air ballooning was early Saturday morning.  We went with “Adventure Flights” through a groupon deal.  They have 3 hot air balloons but this weekend only 2 were on sight as the third was taking part in a hot air balloon festival elsewhere.  They had “cowboy up” & “unicorn”.  We got “unicorn” and were the third group to go so the sun was well up when we got into the air.  I was surprised by how gentle the whole ride was, if you weren’t looking you wouldn’t even notice you had left the ground…that’s how little movement the basket did.  It was really relaxing and peaceful.

Since we were the last group, we got to watch them deflate the balloon.

After being shuttled back to the airport, we closed with a champagne toast and a voucher for breakfast at the restaurant.

The rest of our weekend was spent exploring the area, playing with a baby pig, trying to catch up on sleep, and doing a winery tour/tasting in Temecula before heading home.

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