mong kok

I was able to fit in a trip to Mong Kok one day after a work meeting.  I took the train & thank goodness for my work phone because without it I would have gotten totally lost…instead of just normally lost, cuz that did happen.  The streets aren’t labeled as clearly so it was easy to get turned around.  My goal was the bird market & there wasn’t a ton of daylight left, so I walked through the flower market & got to the bird market when it was starting to wind down.

After that I just started wandering around and the map on the phone wasn’t helping so I was just walking around with no real direction.  I ended up finding a really cute shop where I got some clothes.

In the same area was also the fish market/all sorts of animal shops which was fun to look at.  If only I could have taken all the animals home, they were so cute!

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