the peak

One of the days during my work trip, we had extra time so we randomly decided to go to The Peak.  It was on my list of things to see while there so I was stoked we got to do that.  It’s located on Hong Kong island & gives you amazing views of Victoria Harbor.  We were chasing the sun so we took a taxi up, & arrived in perfect time to see the view before/as/after the sun went down.  I think it’s a must see if visiting Hong Kong.

After getting back to Kowloon, we walked to one of the malls & had an amazing dinner and celebrated our day & this trip.  Afterward, me & one of the girls went hunting for dessert but ended up getting lost & confused in the mall…which happened to me at least 3 times; their malls are huge!  I feel like that’s the one thing I had a hard time finding there…dessert/snacky places…bummer.

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